Surfing lessons with family or friends

280 € / 2 to 8 pers.

Have fun and learn to surf with family or friends

For those who wish to discover surfing or improve their technique, Uhaina offers a private group lesson for 2 to 8 people who want to share a good time in the water among friends or family. Lasting one and a half hours, this course will leave you with great memories of a shared experience that only surfing knows how to provide so well…

Details of this course :

  • . Suitable for everyone – beginners, initiates or those looking for further training,
  • . Small group for more fun,
  • . 1½ of lessons to learn and have fun,
  • . Fixed price for any group between 2 and 8 people.

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How are Uhaina surfing lessons run ?

Surf lessons are given preferably during low tide times. Since tides shift every day by about half an hour, the schedules are set according to the tide calendar.

There is necessarily one instructor for a maximum of 8 people (Regulation of the French Surfing Federation). The instructor remains in the water throughout the course to help, correct and guide the students.

These students are welcomed before the session in front of the school premises, located on the Corsairs beach in Anglet. Each student is given a locker where they can leave their belongings before changing. The instructor gives everyone a wetsuit adapted to their body type and the season. When the students have changed, the instructor tells them which surfboard they will use. Then the instructor takes them to the lesson site.

What happens in a lesson :

1) Practical observation: the instructor informs the students about the state of the tide, the nature and height of the waves, the direction of the swell and wind, the presence or absence of currents. He identifies any possible undertows and gives advice to the students on how to identify landmarks before going into the water.

2) Warm-up: the warm-up can be more or less intense depending on the season and weather conditions.

3) Demonstration and practice of surfing: the instructor gives a theoretical lesson of about ten minutes on the sand where he makes the students repeat the basic surfing techniques (stand up, stay in position, paddle, etc.).

4) Practice in the water: depending on the level of the student, the group and the state of the sea, the practice can go from catching foam waves on the beach, to positioning in the ocean to catch the best part of the wave.

5) Weather conditions: depending on the weather conditions, especially in rough seas, some lessons can be transferred to Hendaye using the surf school’s minibus.